Mobile Application Development

Visrosoftware is one of the leading company in mobile application development that has mastered the mobile application development including iPhone Applications, Windows Mobile Applications, Applications on Google Android for the niche markets.

Android Application

Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It's the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast—every day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content. Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace for distributing to them instantly.

Android is an open source mobile operating system as well as software platform owned by Google. Its versatile features and open source has made it very popular in smart phones. Android applications are written in Java, with a rich set of libraries. Android Software Development Kit enables developers to develop custom Android applications using JAVA Programming language (J2ME).
Now a days, mobile users want more functions and features in their mobile phones. The mobile developers want to meet demand of users by designing and building powerful mobile applications. Android Application Development is the best option for them as Android is a powerful and natural platform to develop mobile applications. It has the real power to completely change the look and feel, as well as the functions of a mobile device.

Some of the major benefits of Android Applications Development are:

-It has been built to meet information in a quick manner and make correct user requested in turn.
-It reduces the developmental cycle, provides easy to use development tools.
-It gives the developers right to use to all services and information without any differentiation.
-Gives rich browser amenities to give better services.
-Android is Linux based so it gives easy contact to core mobile device functionality and reach..


We providing iPhone software Development Services in India. We works as a team to provide applications for iPhone and handheld devices. Our core activities include the developing and testing of highly interactive games and applications for iPhone. We have experience in developing applications and web portals for iPhone. Our team is capable of developing iPhone application and games of compact size. We use Mac OS X systems and Xcode IDE to develop the applications and then finally tests on the device to ensure the performance and usability of the application. Our team is expert in developing the iPhone application for games, Shopping, Entertainment, Social Networking, News and Travel websites. iPhone users are spending more time in playing the games on their iPhone. so we develop many of extra ordionary games with different version.