Testing services

Visrosoftware provides testing services focuses on the exhaustive testing of web applications. We provides to the complete testing of a web-based system and reliability before it go live. We gives different types of testing service solutions:

Web testing

Web testing or functional testing of web applications is aimed at checking the functionality and reliability of your web applications before they go live. TestComplete fully supports front-end web testing. It can simulate user actions through the browser and detect the web page’s state so that web applications can be tested on the front end with web testing while on the back end with load testing.Web Testing of a web application various internal and/or external factors produce un-controllable situations which sometimes are unavoidable. To overcome these situations we need to plan and test our web application so that a bug free system is revealed to the users.

Automation Testing

Test automation is the control of the execution of testing cases. Commonly test automation involves automating a manual process already in place that uses a formalized testing process. It is also the use of software core technology in countless other browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks and some features are:
Saves Time and Money, Increases Test Coverage, Helps Developers and Testers, Improves Team Morale

Handheld testing

Visrosoftware provides Handheld testing services. Handheld devices are pocket sized computing devices, Which having a display screen with touch input or a miniature keyboard. Smartphones and PDAs are popular amongst those who require the assistance and convenience of certain aspects of a conventional computer, in environments where carrying one would not be practical.

Load and Performance Testing

Load testing is performed when an application is tested under heavy loads, such as testing of a web site under a range of loads. Performance testing is conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specific performance requirements. Load, error and Performance testing also serve to validate and verify other quality attributes of the system.