Website development

We provide the best web development programming by write less but do more code. We use best technology and architecture to code your web application. The core technologies on server side includes ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#/VB.Net and on client side we use Javascript, Jquery API, Emberjs, Knockoutjs, Coffeescript, and Some Open Source Frameworks. The detail description like how these can be really powerful is below:


ASP.NET is powerfull server side technology introduced by microsoft stands for Active Server Pages. It provides .NET framework which contains rich library functions for GUI, accessing databases, communicating across networks and much more that applications can use APIs. ASP.NET is a development framework for building web pages and web sites with C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Server Scripting.
ASP.NET supports three different development models:
Web Pages
MVC (Model View Controller)
Web Forms

ASP.NET features
Mobile Web Device Support , XML Web Services , Easy Migration Path , Dynamic update of running application , Easy Deployment, Memory Leak, DeadLock and Crash Protection, Enhanced Reliability, Web-Farm Session State, Rich output caching, Compiled execution , Rich Class Framework , Great Tool Support , Flexible Language Options , Easy Programming Model.


JavaScript is The best scripting language of the Web application in the world. The JavaScript is most widely-used programming language. JavaScript gives service of Web pages programming tool, dynamic effects, DOM control and other popular JavaScript features.
Validate forms, Communicate with the server, Validate the user's input, Handles dynamic effects, Browser detection.


JQuery is a library of JavaScript. It also includes inbuilt JavaScript Function so jQuery is fast Write Less Do more, lightweight, easy and fast and provides HTML document traversing, CSS manipulation, Event handling, Animating, Cross Browser Compatibility and Ajax interactions and more features.


CoffeeScript is a small language that compiles into JavaScript. Its fast or faster than the equivalent handwritten JavaScript. CoffeeScript is a good parts of JavaScript language and compiles code one-to-one into the equivalent JavaScript and no interpretation at runtime. It's very Write Less code CoffeeScript does not support awkward braces, semicolons and other JavaScript syntax.


Knockoutjs is a JavaScript library for create rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces. Microsoft is supporting Knockoutjs with ASP.NET (MVC4). Knockoutjs is client side code technology. It's very fast and no overhead. Knockoutjs has many features for fast processing Web Application and no over heading. When the data model's state changes then the UI updates automatically. with its help we can create single page application.


Emberjs is The best technology one of the JavaScript frameworks. The main features for Emberjs creating ambitious web applications that eliminates boilerplate and provides a excellent application architecture. Emberjs makes it divide your application into models, views, and controllers, which improves speed, testability, makes code more modular your application.

Telerik or DevX(3rd Party Control)

Now days many control in market creating a web application. But the best application is must depend on control. We make used telerik control in web application . Telerik control's are supporting to whole new level, Innovation and reliability, Innovation and reliability, Top speed, and most important Everything you need contol available in telerik control. These are available for different - 2 need:

Kendo UI

Kendo UI is the latest control which support HTML5 and CSS3. Telerik are most populer supporting Kendo UI control. It is very fast and light weight. these controlS are very easy to use and modify based on need. The help of Kendo UI control create rich and atractive web application. Kendo UI gives services UI widgets, a simple and consistent programming interface, a rock-solid DataSource, a MVVM framework, themes, templates and the list goes on. It also gives control for web application, mobile application and DataViz.

Telerik's Rad Control

Telerik is also supported in RadControls. RadControls is a complete ASP.NET AJAX development toolset and support for LINQ, Entity Framework, ADO.NET/WCF Services, Routing, etc. RadControls provides fully-functional of every control these control's are Minimizing JavaScript loading on the Web application fast and professionally looking web applications.

DevX Controls

Devexpress controls are also most popular third party control library. They provide controls for both windows and web application development. with the help of Devexpress we can develop faster and responsive application with very less time.